• 20 minute session
  • 8 professionally edited photos
  • Studio located in Fairfield, CT
  • Option to buy additional photos and print products

What's included in the mini session?


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Hi there, I'm Erin, a studio and outdoor portrait photographer in Fairfield, Connecticut. I'm truly obsessed with taking photos of families and especially children. I love to be silly with my own kids and always bring tons of energy into the studio to make your kids feel comfortable and have fun. 

studio & outdoor photographer for families, children, maternity & newborns

Meet Erin

If you have outfits already at home or have something else in mind and need a second opinion, reach out and I'd love to help!

These portraits will compliment any home decor style and will be the perfect way to personalize any space that needs a refresh or has been empty for a while. Allow me to assist you in printing and framing your photographs on fine art paper and float mounting onto a delicate custom frame. 

1. Keep it simple. Stick to solid colors - no prints or patterns. The magic is in your child’s expression, not the detail on their clothing.

2. Light, neutral colors are best - including white. Soft pinks, yellows, mints and baby blues also look great and can be muted even further in editing.

3. Choose classic styles over trendy ones. My favorite style for this style of photograph is a shirt with a collar or other simple neck detail. 

4. Complement your child's personality. If your child loves to accessorize, a big white bow in her hair can also bring a stunning touch to your portrait.

5. The photographs won't show the bottoms so have your little one wear whatever is comfortable!

Styling Tips:

You've either booked or are thinking about booking your heirloom portrait mini session and are super excited to capture some beautiful, classic photographs of your little one(s). Don't let the outfit planning part of this process get you stressed out. I'm here to lay it all out for you and make it easy to plan the perfect outfit.

This article will give you styling tips specifically for these heirloom photos and my style boards below link out to online shops where you can quickly buy the styles you love. (I receive no affiliate commission if you make a purchase, I just simply like these items :)


Style Board